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How I Spent My Summer

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Do you remember being tasked with the assignment of writing an essay about how you spent your summer when you were in school?  I wish I had copies of the stories I actually wrote when I was a kid. There wasn’t a lot to do in the small town where I grew up other than participating in the summer book club. Summer always seemed endless and as someone who suffered from FOMO before it was a thing, I was always counting the days until we headed back to school so I would be back in the know.

As I watched the school buses drive up the street this morning, I thought this was the perfect time to recap some of my favorite content shares and posts from the summer.

First up are the top 3 original posts that received the most reactions from readers:

  • I tried a lot of new things this summer including a radio appearance.  Not sure if it was the audio that intrigued most of you or the bitmoji.  Take a listen…You Have a Face for Radio.


  • I’m so over millennials. If you haven’t figured them out yet, your time is up as Gen Z is soon joining a workforce near you.  Are you ready? Welcome:  The Selfie Generation.


  • I floated the concept of reconfiguring your people operating models so you can retain talent in a market that is rapidly changing. That article made many of you (and even me) say WTF (What’s The Future….of work).


  • I said 3, but for those of you who need a morning chuckle, check out one of my all time favorite client stories that makes the point that you cannot hold on to toxic employees. No matter what! Mature audiences only.

Next up, I love to read about the innovators who boldly leverage tech as part of their talent engagement strategy.  Here are 3 shining examples:

  • See what Kimberly Clark is doing to make sure they hire “original thinkers.”
  • Love HoneyGrow as much as I do? Check out what how they are leveraging VR in their training.
  • Unilever gets a lot of things right when it comes to talent engagement. See how they are using brain games as part of their hiring.


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