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Candidate Experience? Who Cares.

Posted on in Recruiting Strategy

Over the last few years we’ve heard about the customer experience, the patient experience, and more recently, the candidate experience.  This term developed in the talent community over the last several years and is gaining speed as a business imperative.  In fact, the candidate experience made Fast Company’s list of top 3 factors that will make or break your recruiting in 2017.

Simply put, creating a great candidate experience is just good business.  In our post “Creating a Great Candidate Experience is Good Business” we discussed some staggering facts and figures that demonstrate how a candidate’s experience impacts their view of a company as well as their buying behaviors.

We dug further into research from the Talent Board where several themes were identified by gathering direct feedback from candidates that were summarized in the post “5 Things You Are Doing to Kill Your Candidate Experience.”  This post pointed to the top areas that candidates feel are most painful…and news flash….they are mostly process and behavior changes which can be resolved inexpensively.

But this roundup isn’t all grim.  We also shared “Three Free Ways to Create a Great Candidate Experience” which highlighted tactics which anyone, regardless of industry or the size of the organization, could deploy immediately to have a positive impact.

In addition to sharing our own insights, Glassdoor described how you can evaluate your current candidate experience as well as a few other suggestions on things you can work on to improve what you are doing in the article “How to Create a Great Candidate Experience.”  We also shared a valuable piece from the ERE blog on the importance of the employee experience.  Many businesses often forget that the candidate and employee experiences are intrinsically tied together, and both can have major effects on your bottom line.

If you couldn’t already tell, the candidate experience is an area of the talent continuum that we are pretty passionate about at Talent Point Consulting.  Let us help you transform what you are doing today.  It is worth the investment.

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