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Why My Clients Use Job Ads (and You Should Too!)

Posted on in Recruiting Strategy

CEO:  “I want to make sure we have the right priorities.  I don’t think we have time to rewrite our job postings and I’m not sure that’s going to help attract people.”

ME:  “We can’t afford NOT to rewrite these postings.  The descriptions now are all “HR” talk and doesn’t reflect what we need someone to do, your brand or your culture.  The time we put into rewriting them will pay off.  Trust me.”  


Challenge accepted.

I left the CEO’s office energized and focused to prove my point.  I selected the most difficult position the organization was looking to fill.  It was a leadership position that had been open for over six months.  That’s not a typo.  Six months.  Two different internal recruiters worked on the role.  Several search firms had the position in their queue and still no results.  Unacceptable.

After just two hours, a new job ad was produced.  It was well received, but I still had to prove it was worth the investment of time.

Within 24 hours of posting (also not a typo) we had 3 candidates apply for the position that had the right background, skills, and experience.  During the interview process, our top pick even said that he wasn’t actively looking for a position, but felt compelled to reach out after reading the description.  Boom.  There it is.  The proof is in the pudding.

I will continue to beat the drum about the importance of thinking like a marketer when it comes to recruiting.  It’s noisy out there and if you want to reach the right candidate, you must engage with them in new ways.  Here’s a previous post that will help you get started.

Want to see the before and after described above?  Shoot me an email here and I’ll send it to you!