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When Everyone is at the Pool Drinking Rosé, Do This!

Posted on in Talent Strategy

Need some end of the summer inspiration?  Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s video “August is the Month to Go All In.” If you can’t spare two minutes and twenty-two seconds, the point Gary is making is that if you want “it” (meaning achieving a goal for the year) then August is the month where you double down and work even harder because using this time to perfect your plan, make more calls, conduct more interviews, source more candidates, make new connections, etc.  puts you way ahead of the competition who will restart these activities after Labor Day with hamburger hangovers and sunburns.

August is always when I prompt clients to start working on their talent plans for the next calendar year.  If you use this time wisely and identify skill gaps in your current team, evaluate your attrition, identify new skills required to support the business, create new recruiting marketing collateral and build your talent pipelines, you will no longer be reacting to the business on January 1.  How can you NOT do this?

You can find the business case for engaging in this exercise here and if you are ready to go “all in” you can download a talent planning guide here to help you get started.

Good luck!