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INFOGRAPHIC: Talent Attraction Lifecycle

Posted on in Recruiting Strategy

The Talent Attraction Lifecycle outlines the stages prospective candidates go through in their ongoing relationship with a company.



The stages of the lifecycle are:

  1. Introduce – individual gains awareness of your company.  They are extremely passive about making a career change, but are curious about the work and culture of the organization.
  2. Attract – individual begins to gather information and conduct research on your company.  While still not actively seeking employment, they believe their values, motivations, and career interests align to that of the organization.
  3. Nurture – individual begins to interact with your company to satisfy a desire to gather firsthand information about the employee experience.  Candidate has turned from passive to active.
  4. Engage – individual is proactively pursuing a specific role with your company and has entered the talent acquisition process.

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