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This is THE issue Topping the CEO Agenda

Posted on in Retention Strategy

We made it!

When we launched the Talent Point Consulting blog last fall, the goal was to educate readers on each stage of the talent continuum. Week by week we’ve dissected each topic and offered up stories, resources, and a whole lot of opinions. So here we are at the final stage, Pillar #8 of the talent continuum:  Retain, Release, and Rehire.


This is probably one of my favorite topics because it just might be the area that is most impactful to many businesses. It tops the agenda of what keeps CEO’s up at night, yet for some reason just gets lip service.

Companies have retention issues and chalk it up to those transient millennials. Leaders lack the courage necessary to fire someone quickly when they know there is a mishire. Few talk about the importance of having a dedicated program to maintain relationships with former employees they would welcome back with open arms.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll work to convince you that your retention issues aren’t because you have a millennial team, that you are holding on to non-performers too long and that this has far reaching effects, as well as encourage you to cultivate relationships with your former employees so you can survive the changing nature of the workforce and the ongoing talent shortages. Stay tuned!

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