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Have A Little Fun – Recognizing & Rewarding Talent

Posted on in Retention Strategy

I love what I do.

My days are spent working with leaders at organizations ranging from tech startups to consulting firms to consumer packaged goods companies, and everything in between.

While my clients are diverse, one thing is consistent among them: They are on a mission to constantly improve how they attract, recruit, and retain talent. For them, becoming better isn’t something they just pay lip service to.

We push the envelope on how to best engage with talent, and we also have some fun along the way. Speaking of fun, the next blog series is focused on just that.


Pillar #7 of the talent continuum is Reward where we will discuss how acknowledging and recognizing your team is a critical culture builder and leads to a higher level of engagement (which spurs innovation and growth).

How does your company reward and recognize team members? I’m always looking to add great stories to my arsenal and would love to share your story with the Talent Point community during this series. Shoot me a note at or complete the form below!

Tell us about the unique ways you recognize and reward your team members.

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