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Star Search or Gong Show?

Posted on in Talent Strategy

I had the pleasure of appearing on a TV show called CEO Chat last week.  The show brings together CEOs of companies as well as those who solve problems for the C-Suite to talk about today’s biggest business challenges.  It was an interesting experience to get a behind the scenes look at how programs are produced and a lot of fun to talk shop.  The hosts quickly picked up on two things:

  1.  I am not an HR consultant. For those who know me well, you are all too familiar with my point of view on the differences between “HR” and “Talent Acquisition and Management” and the topic can sometimes be a hot button.  For those not familiar, I shared my point of view during an interview on HR Today this summer.
  2. I solve business challenges. I am the “how” to a CEOs “what.”  It’s about understanding the client’s industry, market position, financial goals, and business plan and aligning the talent strategy accordingly so we attract, recruit and retain those that will deliver on the business strategy.

Watch below as I reveal:

  • An important lesson learned during a project with an iconic Philadelphia brand that transformed how they recruited a CEO candidate in 3 months.
  • What is old is new again as it relates to a specific recruiting tactic that can make or break your success.
  • The single biggest mistake most companies make in onboarding.


Special shout out to Al Cini and Joe Asumendi for the opportunity to join them.  You can view their program every Friday at 10:30 and 11:30 am on RVN TV.