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Unearthing The Hiring Trifecta: Skill, Attitude, and Cultural Fit

Posted on in Talent Strategy

You did it! You found the purple squirrel candidate that can do it all. They have the skills, background, experience, and appear to be a great fit for your culture. You welcome them with open arms on day one and are excited about the future. Days, maybe weeks, go by…and then…you uncover that:

  • They embellished a particular skill
  • No one asked a critical question or dug deep enough into a certain area of experience to truly understand their capabilities
  • Everything they do, think, say is counterculture
  • Their expectations of the job and yours aren’t aligned

This happens all too often and everyone loses in this scenario. Smart companies will determine if the deficiencies can be coached, and work to get the individual to an acceptable performance level. In situations where the deficiencies are not coachable, they separate the employee as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most companies keep the individual, spending countless hours discussing their shortcomings, rearranging projects and workloads, and hiring others to compensate, ultimately bringing down team morale and negatively impacting the broader culture.


Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at why traditional interview programs don’t work and what you can do to ensure the time you invest in interviewing is time used to get accurate data points to enable the right hiring decisions. Stay tuned as we deconstruct Pillar #4 of the Talent Continuum, the Assessment phase.

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