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What the….

Posted on in Retention Strategy

Retain. Release.  Rehire.  It’s this pillar of the talent continuum that I talk about most.  In fact, when I’m meeting with a CEO for the first time, I’m often asked what the “one thing” is that they should be thinking about relative to their overall talent strategy and the conversation often starts here.

But, we’ve missed an element.  Yup, there is a fourth.


That’s right…What’s The Future (of work)?  Get it?  WTF…What’s The Future?  What did you think I meant?

The future of work is going to require us to reconfigure our current people operating models and talent engagement strategies and we need to be responsive and nimble.  We’ll have to navigate through new and emerging employment models (gig and shared economies for example), leverage new technologies (automation and AI), and manage multiple generations under one roof (and maybe no longer under a roof at all).  These changes will directly impact your ability to attract, recruit and retain talent.  No question.

But don’t panic.  It’s not doomsday and you don’t have to know exactly how this will all play out at your company, but you do need to start educating your leadership team on the changing workforce.  Personally, I see the evolution of the workforce as good thing and am optimistic that there will be tremendous opportunity along the way.  For example, you may find that you can access a completely new segment of the workforce and exercise creativity around how you design roles, staff projects, and scale your company.  You may even get some people out of the weeds to focus on bigger initiatives that completely change your game.  All of this would make you a talent magnet.

As we observe what new ways of working take hold, at a minimum, here’s what you need to start doing today:

  • Explore.  Discuss how new and emerging trends could impact your business and prioritize those areas likely to cause the most disruption/risk.
  • Experiment.  Build your 2018 talent plan and identify opportunities to experiment with a new employment model for a specific role or team.
  • Embrace.  Like it or not, the future is here.  Be flexible and resilient in order to stay relevant.

This is an extremely meaty topic and one I will be talking more about.  For those who are new to the discussion, here’s a great piece that was written by Josh Bersin that breaks it down in detail.

And as part of our usual round up, you can read more about my perspective on retaining, releasing and rehiring talent, here, here and here!

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