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Trick or Treat?

Posted on in Recruiting Strategy

“Trust the process.”  That was music to my ears when the CEO said that on our interview prep call last week. It’s been months in the making, but this is one client who gets it.

But, their initial story is one that is all too familiar.

My client struggled for years to recruit and retain someone in a leadership role for a business unit that is the backbone of their entire operation. As a result of the turnover in this role, they had a poor reputation as an employer which was impacting hiring across the entire enterprise. Further, their interview process wasn’t well designed or managed, candidates often didn’t know where they stood in the process, urgency forced bad hiring decisions, and there was an overall lack of authenticity throughout which caused candidates to feel…..well……tricked (note: none of this was intentional, but when you don’t have the right resource to own, manage and drive your talent acquisition process, this is often the outcome).

Here’s how we transformed the talent acquisition process into one that has produced exceptional results and is a treat for all involved:

1. Followed our 3-step Talent Magnet Blueprint to define who the ideal candidate was, locate where they were both on and offline, and reveal the most effective ways to engage with them relative to where they were in the talent attraction lifecycle.

2. Developed smart marketing content, including a job ad for external use (not a job description!).

3. Implemented a 3-step interview framework to ensure each step was purposeful and intentionally designed to ensure candidates were a skill, attitude and cultural fit.

4. Built a simulation that demonstrated candidate competence in delivering the key skills that define success in the position.

5. Created a positive candidate experience regardless of interview outcome.

I’m in no way suggesting this was a quick and easy task, but with the right commitment and focus we successfully transformed what was once something tricky and turned it into a treat and attracted and recruited the right leader in under 12 weeks.

Next Up!  We will be rolling this out enterprise-wide.



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